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My Story

I was a care free 17yr old School Leaver and

was stressed with work and life, after just 1 year!

Thanks Mum for taking me to my first Yoga Class ! 

18yrs of age and I was already stressed with the pressures of a fast modern life. Working long hours, experiencing migraines and struggling with a severe stammer that stunted my growth as a young woman. Yoga found me back then as my beautiful mother ushered me to yoga classes. Her voice now echoing in my ears 

"you'll feel so much better"

and of course I did...

 "Thank you Mum"

Aged 40, married, 2 kids, high powered job, expensive holidays but I was still stressed!


Yep I should have carried on with the Regular Yoga Classes !

Years past by and Yoga hadn't become a major part of my life back then for reasons I do not understand. But then in my 40's married, two children, full time high power job, stressed beyond imagination, still with migraines, irregular heart beat, digestive problems, stammer still prevalent, back problems and I felt like a total wreck with no time to myself at all!

I knew I had to change something and my thoughts went back to how good I felt after having doing more regular Yoga Classes with my beautiful Mother and her voice echoed again

"you'll feel so much better" 

and of course I did...

"Thank you again MUM!

Tough Times

I challenged "Time is Money"



So  blessed I found Yoga.I feel healthier & younger even though I'm older !

My fast life paused more Yoga regularly,  twice a week every week, bringing much needed balance. I re-discovered my inner and outer strength and flexibility which helped me be myself and not who everyone perceived me to be.

Peeling off all that stuff that I'd taken on over

the years was incredibly freeing.


I was told and came to believe "Time is money"

I decided this was wrong 

 "Time is MY LIFE!" 

Over time courage blossomed from a place of inner balance and I changed my long term high powered job, worked less hours, spent more time with the kids and had time for me too! Not so rich in my pocket but so much richer in my heart. My back got better, heart beat and digestion more settled, stammer much improved, fewer migraines and I felt younger even though I was older.

What is this Magic?  YOGA!

So glad I found Yoga :-) 

It has been my saviour !

I found the inner strength to change my life and live the dream !

Now 60 years of age and I see many around me the same age falling apart physically and mentally. Yet me, I trained and have been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 10 years now and I feel even younger, healthy back, stammer almost non existent, heart and digestion healthy, what migraines? as strong as an Ox! 


I even moved moved home to my little piece of heaven the Isle of Mull :-)  

Of course life still has its difficulties and things can still get rather busy, but embracing yoga and meditation both on and off the mat enables me to face those moments from a place of calm, balance and well-being.

Sharing the Ancient Yoga teachings is a true honour and an absolute  pleasure to watch my students blossom from within and rediscover who they really are.

I imagined myself living from a place of inner calm and wellbeing and turned my dream into reality...

"Can't thank you enough Mum!"  

Good Times

Join me

in living from a place of inner calm...

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