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Yoga and Meditation Classes to help you feel good!

Classes, Courses and Retreats that embrace deeply calming and nourishing practices.

Helping you restore your natural state of wellbeing and feel at one with yourself and the world around.

Imagine yourself living from a place of inner calm and wellbeing and turning your imagination into reality.

Join the You R Yoga Online Yoga and Meditation Community to help your dream of  inner calm come true.


Your yoga studio is here online to help you


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Courses & Retreats

1 to 1 Classes - Yoga Nidra Retreats - Reiki


Mindset Body Life Coaching

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MindSet Body Life Coaching


Marble Surface
Buddha Statue

Sue P ~ Abingdon 2021
Yoga Nidra Meditation

Thank you for the most transformative Meditation I have ever experienced!


Gillian ~ Australia 2019
Yoga Nidra Retreats

If you need to unplug, zen out, reconnect with nature and kick off your Yoga Nidra Journey then book in! Accommodation is spot on and Mull is beautifully calming. Sue & her husband were so accommodating. 

 Just what I needed!

Yoga Mat and Straps

Lesley ~ 2017
Yoga Classes

Susan's teaching addresses the whole person, mind & body. I always left her classes feeling calm, balanced and at one with myself and the world around me. 

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